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By Ravi Singh, MD
June 29, 2022
Tags: Heartburn  

Here’s how to get your heartburn under control.

Everyone will deal with heartburn at some point, but if you’re dealing with it regularly, you may be wondering what’s causing your heartburn. If you find yourself dealing with heartburn two or more times a week, it’s time to schedule an evaluation with our Suffolk County, NY, gastroenterologist Dr. Ravi Singh.

What Lifestyle Changes Can Improve Heartburn?

Heartburn can certainly be an uncomfortable nuisance. The good news is that if you deal with this problem relatively infrequently, you can often handle this symptom on your own with remedies and simple lifestyle changes. Some lifestyle modifications that can reduce heartburn symptoms include,

  • Avoiding spicy, acidic and fried foods
  • Not eating at least two hours before going to bed
  • Not lying down immediately after eating
  • Avoiding coffee and alcohol
  • Quitting smoking
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Avoiding high-intensity exercise or activities immediately after eating
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing while eating

Along with following the lifestyle changes above, you can also manage your heartburn with the occasional over-the-counter antacid, which can neutralize stomach acid and alleviate heartburn.

What Remedies Can Improve Heartburn Symptoms?

Some home remedies could also ease heartburn symptoms, but you may want to speak with our Suffolk County, NY, gastroenterologist before attempting some of these remedies,

  • Diluted apple cider vinegar (may work for some)
  • Taking a probiotics
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Ripe banana
  • Mixing baking soda in water

When Should I Turn to a Gastroenterologist About My Heartburn?

You should schedule an appointment with our Suffolk County, NY, team if,

  • You deal with heartburn two or more times a week
  • Your acid reflux or heartburn affects your sleep
  • You develop a persistent cough
  • You have trouble swallowing
  • You start losing weight unexpectedly

Recurring heartburn could be a sign of a more severe condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which requires an entirely different and more comprehensive treatment plan to manage symptoms than the occasional bout of heartburn. Untreated GERD can alter the esophageal lining and increase your risk for throat cancer.

Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in East Patchogue, NY has been the gastroenterology leader in the Suffolk County, NY, area for over forty years. If you are dealing with heartburn, Dr. Singh can help. Call (631) 289-0300 to schedule an appointment at one of our three practices.

By Ravi Singh, MD
December 09, 2021
Category: GI Care
Tags: Heartburn   Acid Reflux  

Heartburn vs Acid Reflux: Know the Difference.

Heartburn can feel like a burning discomfort somewhere along where your heart is located, but it has nothing to do with the blood-pumping organ. You may feel the same discomfort along your throat and neck as it is brought on by acid from your stomach coming back up your esophagus, which is not equipped to handle these acids like your stomach is. Heartburn is not that uncommon and is commonly caused by certain foods in our diet, and by exacerbated by conditions such as acid reflux. If you want to learn if your heartburn could be brought on acid reflux then reach out to your Suffolk County, NY, professionals of Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in East Patchogue, NY.

Acid Reflux

Over-the-counter antacids can be effective in treating heartburn, but if you find yourself reaching for these too often then it's possible you may be dealing with acid reflux.

Acid reflux and heartburn are often used interchangeably, but while heartburn does not always mean you suffer from acid reflux, know that recurring heartburn is a symptom of it. It is also often accompanied by other symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, and throat discomfort, among others.

Your esophagus connects to your stomach and when working properly it can drive food into it without allowing acids from the stomach to return back into it. Acid reflux can develop when this connection, and the muscles that allow it to function, are weakened.

Seeking Treatment

To treat your heartburn your Suffolk County, NY, gastroenterologist in East Patchogue, NY, will first diagnose you for acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is a chronic form of acid reflux.

Lifestyle and dietary changes, along with prescribed medication, can be used to successfully treat the condition. More severe cases may require surgical intervention, so it's important to seek help from your doctor if heartburn or other symptoms are interfering with your daily life.

If you live in or around Suffolk County, NY, and are seeking relief from heartburn then schedule a consultation today with your local experts of Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in East Patchogue, NY, by dialing (631) 289-0300.

By Ravi Singh, MD
November 29, 2021
Tags: Heartburn   Indigestion  

Heartburn is a common ailment that affects most adults from time to time. When heartburn or indigestion becomes severe, though, it can affect your eating habits as well as your sleep pattern. Dr. Ravi Singh and his team at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates can help you with heartburn issues in East Patchogue, NY. Keep reading to learn more about heartburn prevention. 

What Causes Heartburn?

Heartburn or indigestion is often caused by an overproduction of stomach acid. When there is an overproduction of stomach acid, it can come up the esophagus. This will cause a stinging or burning sensation in the throat and chest. In very severe cases of heartburn in Suffolk County, this stomach acid can even come up into the mouth causing regurgitation. If this happens at night while you are sleeping, you may experience disruptions in your sleep pattern. 

How Can I Prevent Heartburn in Suffolk County?

There are a few things you can do to help this condition. One of the best ways to eliminate or decrease indigestion is to watch what you eat. Certain foods will cause more stomach acid production. Foods such as citrus and tomatoes are very acidic and so raise the amount of stomach acid present. You can avoid these foods or eat them in moderation. 

You can also pay attention to when you eat. Eating late in the evening near bedtime can make indigestion worse. Try to eat earlier in the evening and wait at least an hour or two before lying down. If you are experiencing severe heartburn or indigestion, you may want to try sleeping propped up some. 

Can Medication Help?

If your heartburn persists and you're in the Suffolk County area, you will want to make an appointment to see Dr. Singh. There are medications that can help with this condition. If you would like to learn more about our services, or you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our office at Brookhaven Gastroenterology and Associates. Dr. Singh would be happy to answer your questions. Call today at 631-289-0300

Heartburn is a symptom of acid reflux, a common ailment facing many people today. The gastroenterologists at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates, located in the city of Patchogue in Suffolk County, NY, can help you with the pain and discomfort of heartburn.

When you have heartburn, the contents of your stomach are traveling back up your esophagus, causing a burning pain in your lower chest. When your heartburn becomes consistent, meaning you are experiencing symptoms more than twice a week, it means you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). If your GERD is left untreated, it can lead to a more severe condition or be a sign of another underlying health issue. Otherwise, GERD is commonly caused by obesity, smoking, Hiatal hernias, and some medications that can even cause heartburn.

What are the symptoms of heartburn?

A good indicator of heartburn is the feeling of warmth or burning in the chest or throat. You could also feel indigestion or a foul, acid taste in your mouth.

If you experience additional symptoms, such as nausea, lightheadedness, and arm discomfort, this could be a sign of a heart attack, and you should immediately seek medical care.

How is heartburn treated?

For mild heartburn, you may be able to adjust your lifestyle or behavior for symptom relief. Simple changes include:

  • Limiting fat intake
  • Elevating the head of the bed
  • Avoid heavy lifting and straining
  • Avoid eating 2-3 hours before bedtime
  • Avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and acidic foods
  • Weight management
  • Quitting smoking
  • Eat a small meal more frequently instead of a large meal.

When these remedies don't do the trick for your heartburn, the gastroenterologists at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Patchogue, Suffolk County, can help. When you come in for a consultation, you may be prescribed medications to help relieve your heartburn symptoms. These medications include:

  • Antacids
  • H2 blockers
  • Proton pump inhibitors (PPI)

Proton pump inhibitors are the most effective medication and cause fewer side effects than H2 blockers. You and your physician will determine which treatment is best for you.

Occasional heartburn is common, but frequent and regular heartburn is not and should be checked out by a healthcare professional. If you are ready to do something about your heartburn, call Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Patchogue, Suffolk County, today for an appointment at (631) 289-0300.

By Ravi Singh, MD
November 20, 2020
Tags: Heartburn  

If you have frequent heartburn, don't ignore it. You may have acid reflux disease, or GERD, a serious but manageable GI condition. At Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates, our team of seven gastroenterologists helps many Suffolk County and East Patchogue NY patients manage heartburn. Learn more here.

What is heartburn?

Medline Plus reports that heartburn is really a symptom of an underlying condition called acid reflux. With acid reflux, stomach contents and acid back up into the esophagus, causing pain in the chest and a characteristic burning sensation. Occurring more than twice a week, acid reflux is called GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Left untreated, GERD permanently damages the esophagus, causing problems with swallowing and even a pre-cancerous condition called Barrett's Esophagus. Also, you may feel that food sticks in your throat, or that your throat is continuously sore and your voice hoarse.

We can help

At Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Suffolk County, NY, our professional team differentiates common heartburn from acid reflux or GERD. A minimally-invasive test, called endoscopy, visualizes your food pipe and allows your gastroenterologist to take real-time photos and videos of your upper GI tract.

With his findings, he'll put together an effective treatment plan. Managing your heartburn symptoms limits damage to your esophagus and decreases your risk of GI cancer, says Harvard Health.

Managing heartburn

Many people who have heartburn are overweight. A big belly puts pressure on your stomach and the esophageal sphincter. Accordingly, losing weight reduces pressure and relieves heartburn.

Also, your Suffolk County heartburn specialist may advise:

  • Proton pump inhibitors or H2 agonists in pill form to reduce stomach acid
  • Sleeping with your head raised
  • Eating smaller meals more frequently
  • Waiting to exercise after you eat
  • Avoiding heavy meals before bedtime
  • Avoiding fatty and/or acidic foods such as chocolate, tomato sauce, garlic, dairy products, and other foods which increase stomach acid
  • Wear clothing which fits loosely at the waist

Enjoy your best gastrointestinal health

Control heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD. Learn what works for you with the help of the professional team at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Suffolk County and East Patchogue NY. Call for a consultation with one of our caring gastroenterologists. You can feel better. Phone (631) 289-0300 today.

By Ravi Singh, MD
March 09, 2020
Category: Gastroenterology
Tags: Heartburn  

We've all experienced occasional discomfort after an especially large, spicy, or greasy meal, but for those of us with frequent heartburn, these cases of post-meal pain can be all too common.

While heartburn is typically not a reason for concern, if a burning sensation, trouble swallowing, or chest pain are frequently plaguing you after eating, it may be time to consult with Dr. Ravi Singh of Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Suffolk County. We can help you find a way to control your heartburn so that you can return to enjoying meals in comfort.

What is heartburn?

Heartburn, a symptom of acid reflux, occurs when your stomach acid backs up into the esophagus, the body part responsible for transporting food to your stomach. In addition to acid reflux, heartburn can be caused by cardiac problems, though this is less common.

What are the signs of heartburn?
Acid reflux-related heartburn can trigger a burning sensation in your chest after you've eaten, and it can last for hours on end. You may also feel pain in your chest, a burning in your throat, and a spicy or sour taste in your mouth. Other symptoms of heartburn include impaired swallowing, feeling like you have food trapped in your throat, or a cough/general hoarseness.
Signs of cardiac-related heartburn include shortness of breath and pain in your chest and arms. These are symptoms not to be taken lightly, and you should seek help immediately.
Make sure to provide your doctor at our Suffolk County office with a detailed description of your symptoms so that we can determine a cause and formulate a treatment plan.

What can I do about my heartburn?
Depending on the severity and source of your heartburn, your doctor at our Suffolk County office may recommend one or more of the following:

  • Eating smaller, more frequent meals
  • Avoiding particularly fatty, spicy or acidic foods
  • Abstain from reclining after meals
  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight
  • Taking over-the-counter antacids as needed

At our Suffolk County office, we can also suggest prescription medications for heartburn, including histamine 2 blockers or proton pump inhibitors, to be taken prior to meals.

Need relief? Give us a call

Don't let heartburn interrupt your life. Call Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Suffolk County today at 631-289-0300.

By Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates
June 10, 2019
Category: GI Procedures
Tags: Heartburn  

Do you have heartburn? Despite its name, heartburn does not affect the heart. Heartburn, also known as acid reflux, is a burning pain Heartburnbehind the breastbone. The sensation can last for as short a time as a few minutes or as long as a few hours. Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates, which is located in East Patchogue, NY, offers treatments for heartburn. If you experience symptoms of acid reflux often, call your doctor. The following information will help you determine what's causing your heartburn.

1. Certain foods. Certain foods can trigger heartburn. Though the triggers for heartburn can vary among people, some foods are more prone to allowing stomach acid to back up into your esophagus. Foods that commonly trigger heartburn include tomatoes, garlic, citrus fruits, chocolate, fatty and fried foods, and spices. Avoid the foods above and you may decrease the amount of reflux from your stomach into the esophagus.

2. Certain drinks. Beverages that commonly trigger heartburn include orange juice, lemonade, grapefruit juice, liquor, wine, coffee, milkshakes, tea, and carbonated sodas. When chronic heartburn becomes a problem, switching from coffee or traditional tea to decaf teas may be a good idea. Drinking regular water may also provide relief: It will raise the pH of your stomach, dilute the acid, and clear out the esophagus.

3. Smoking. If you smoke, stop. Smoking tobacco weakens the lower esophageal sphincter, leading to heartburn, according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse. Nicotine patches and gums are safer bets for overall health than smoking, and they're less likely to give you heartburn. There’s no guarantee that quitting will get rid of your symptoms, but it’s worth a try.

4. Stress. Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Being stressed or anxious can raise how much acid your stomach makes and can cause heartburn. It is important to find ways to reduce stress, and thus make stress-related heartburn less likely. Some relaxation techniques that reduce stress include meditation, deep breathing, guided imagery, tai chi, and yoga.

5. Overeating. Overeating can trigger heartburn. Eat small, frequent meals to prevent heartburn. Skip the doubles, triples, and larges in favor of regular-size items. Think about how a triple-size hamburger means more fat and more calories, and is bound to set your heartburn aflame. It takes the stomach four to five hours to empty a meal, so wait at least three hours after eating to go to bed.

6. Medications. Certain medications that can cause acid reflux, because they may relax the LES. You may want to talk to your East Patchogue, NY, doctor or pharmacist about your heartburn if you're taking prescription pain killers, antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure drugs, or medications for allergies or asthma. Don’t stop taking any medication without first talking with your doctor.

No more heartburn! If you want complete relief of your symptoms, call Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates at 631-289-0300 today to schedule an appointment in East Patchogue, NY!

By Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates
February 28, 2018
Category: Gastroenterology
Tags: Heartburn  

Got heartburn? Heartburn is a condition that's caused when stomach acid flows up into your esophagus. This leads to a burning discomfort heartburnbelow your breastbone or in your upper belly. Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in East Patchogue, NY, offers treatments for heartburn. Read on to learn about the causes of heartburn.

1. Tobacco 

Nicotine is thought to relax the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) that keeps acid in the stomach. When that ring of muscle relaxes, acid can trickle up and cause heartburn. Nicotine patches and gums are healthier and safer than cigarettes or chewing tobacco, and they are less likely to give you heartburn.

2. Fatty Meals

While some fats are necessary for wellness, others should be limited. Meals high in fats often lead to heartburn. Fatty, fried, greasy foods lead to acid reflux because they prevent the LES from fully tightening. This creates an opening for stomach acid to flow upward. Eating large meals may also contribute.

3. Coffee

Coffee can stimulate excessive gastric acid secretion causing heartburn in some people. If drinking coffee causes your heartburn, eat something while you drink coffee. Sometimes, it's not the coffee that is causing heartburn but the caffeine. Try switching to decaf to see if your symptoms disappear. 

4. Alcohol

Alcohol can trigger heartburn for many people. Alcohol can make it more difficult for your body to clear acid out of the esophagus. Not everyone gets heartburn after drinking alcohol. Some people may have a faulty or weak sphincter muscle to begin with. Being overweight significantly increases the risk.

5. Medicines

Many nonprescription and prescription and medicines can cause heartburn. Medications that can irritate your esophagus and cause heartburn pain include: NSAIDs, anxiety medications, antibiotics, high blood pressure medications, steroids and antidepressants. If you think that your heartburn symptoms may be caused by a medication, call your East Patchogue, NY, doctor to find out if you should stop taking the medicine or take a different one. 

6. Excess Weight

Anybody can get heartburn, but the more weight you carry the more likely it is. Researchers speculate that excess weight around the belly causes increased pressure against your stomach, causing fluid to rise up. Gaining weight, even if your BMI falls within the normal range, can also boost your heartburn risk.

Need treatment for heartburn? Make an appointment with one of our gastroenterologists! Call Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates at 631-289-0300 today to schedule an appointment in East Patchogue, NY. You'll be amazed by the great relief we bring.

By Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates
October 27, 2016
Category: Gastroenterology
Tags: Heartburn   Acid Reflux  

Heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms can occur frequently if you suffer from acid reflux. Your Suffolk County, NY acid refluxgastroenterologists at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates discuss heartburn and other signs of acid reflux and share information on treatments here.

Acid reflux symptoms

If you have acid reflux, you may experience:

  • Heartburn: Heartburn causes a burning pain in your chest and upper abdomen and occurs when stomach acids back up into your esophagus. It's called "heart" burn because the pain is usually felt in the chest, but luckily, heartburn doesn't actually affect your heart.
  • Regurgitation: Regurgitation occurs when stomach acids back up into your throat or mouth. If you experience the problem, you may notice a bad taste in your mouth and may even vomit a small amount of stomach contents into your mouth when you burp.
  • Bloating: After you eat, you may feel bloated or notice that your stomach feels very heavy or full.
  • Trouble Swallowing: Acid reflux can cause a lump-in-the-throat sensation or may make it more difficult to swallow.
  • Cough and Sore Throat: Those cold symptoms may actually be caused by reflux. Hoarseness, coughing and throat pain often accompany the condition.

Suffolk County gastroenterologists can help ease your acid reflux symptoms

Over-the-counter antacids, H-2 receptor blockers and proton pump inhibitors can reduce acid reflux symptoms, but if your problem doesn't get better or worsens, your gastroenterologist can offer more effective treatments. Stronger prescription-strength proton pump inhibitors, H-2 receptor blockers and other medications may relieve your symptoms. In most cases, taking medications and making a few lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, avoiding acidic foods and elevating the head of your bed, will be very effective in easing heartburn and other acid reflux symptoms. If your problem is severe, your doctor may recommend surgery to improve the function of your esophagus.

There's no reason to suffer from acid reflux-related heartburn. Call your Suffolk County, NY gastroenterologists at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates at (631) 289-0300 to find out which treatment options are right for you.

By Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates
September 04, 2014
Category: Gastroenterology
Heartburn is common and, in many cases, occasional to rare. While a mild case of heartburn should not raise any red flags, it is still uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are various ways to combat the discomfort.

Recognize the Symptoms and Causes of Heartburn

The first step of fighting heartburn is to be able to recognize it. Symptoms include:
  • A burning pain in the chest and abdominal area.
  • Pain that gets worse when you lay down or bend over.
  • Burning that rises from your chest and could be felt as high as the neck.
  • Acidic taste at the back of the throat.
Heartburn is caused by stomach acid coming up the esophagus. The band-like muscle at the bottom of the esophagus, called the Lower Esophageal Sphincter, relaxes when you swallow to let food or drink pass. Sometimes, the muscle can weaken or misfire, allowing stomach acid to come up the esophagus, causing acid reflux, which, in turn, causes heartburn. This is this reason that the burning sensation can be made worse by lying down or bending over. Heartburn can also be triggered by certain foods, such as onions, spicy foods or even chocolate. Being overweight and smoking are also common triggers.

Treating Heartburn

Heartburn can be treated in many ways, from herbal remedies to prescription medications.
  • Antacids. One of the most common treatments, which works to take the pain and burning away, but can not repair an already damaged esophagus.
  • Proton-pump Inhibitors. This drug slows down the actual production of stomach acid. While proton-pump inhibitors are longer lasting than antacids, they do not work as fast.
  • Prescription medication. These medications can only be prescribed by a doctor, but are the most powerful option for more serious cases.
  • Herbal remedies. Calcium is the active ingredient in most antacids, and can be taken to prevent heartburn. Milk thistle, lemon balm and even licorice have been known to help heartburn sufferers.
If you experience heartburn three or more times a week, it is time to seek medical help. The gastroenterologists located in Suffolk County, can help you diagnose, treat and manage the heartburn pain that plagues you. He and his team will work closely with you to determine the best plan of action to ensure you leave their office both healthy and happy, with your heartburn under control. Call Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates at (631) 289-0300 today to make an appointment, or schedule one online.