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Common Causes of Blood in Stool

The sight of blood is off-putting, and no one wants to see it in the toilet. It might be the last thing you think of, but identifying modifiable factors for fecal incontinence, such as stool consistency, is critical for improving your quality of life. The color of your stool is the window to your health, and our doctors at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates aim to keep it as clean (and healthy) as possible. If you have fecal incontinence (inability to control your bowel movements), frequent constipation, or blood in your stool in Suffolk County, NY, it might not result from a medical condition. But it's in your best interest to let our doctors rule that out with a medical exam.

Common Causes Of Blood In Stool

Blood in stool happens more than you may realize, but whether its a cause for concern varies upon a few factors. Experiencing painless rectal bleeding with a bowel movement, for example, is a common symptom of hemorrhoid, defined as swollen, painful, itchy blood vessels in the rectum. After a bowel movement, an anal fissure (tear) can cause bleeding and a sensation of tearing, ripping, or burning. Colon cancer, colon polyps, colitis, and diverticulosis are more concerning complications of rectal bleeding.

Several tests for blood in your stool in Suffolk County, NY, or Patchogue, NY, include the following:

  • A colonoscopy (entire colon examination), 
  • a rectal exam to determine rectal bleeding, 
  • Anoscopy (anus and lower rectum inspection)
  • Sigmoidoscopy (a clinician examines the rectum and most of the large intestine without sedation).

Don't shy away from discussing this problem that happens to the best of us. It's a good idea to speak with a doctor and schedule an appointment at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates to determine whether blood in your stool in Suffolk County, NY, or Patchogue, NY, is a minor issue or a much more considerable one. Please call us at (631) 289-0300 for questions or concerns.

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