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When Is the Right Time To Have a Colonoscopy?

By Ravi Singh, MD
January 27, 2021

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Colorectal cancer can be treated if caught early. Colonoscopies are the most effective way a doctor can screen a patient for a malignant growth in the intestine. The board-certified professionals at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates offer colon cancer screening to the Brookhaven, NY, area.

When Is the Right Time To Have a Colonoscopy?


The American Cancer Society suggests that patients begin to have colonoscopies at age 45 or earlier.

Family Ties

The suggestion to get screened is much stronger if your direct family members such as a mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, or aunt have developed some sort of cancer of the abdomen.

Prior Polyps

If you have had polyps removed from your colon, rectum, or anus before, you are at higher risk for colorectal cancer and will most likely need to screen again.


Once the initial procedure is done, the patient will only need to be re-examined once every ten years, until about age 75. Many patients are re-examined before then, depending on their unique situation.

Time Of Day

Some suggest the morning as the best time for a colonoscopy, as a morning exam provides more accurate results. You must be relaxed before the screening.


Most colon cancer screenings take between 30-60 minutes. Make sure to take all of the colonoscopy prep laxatives the night before and adhere to a bland, liquid diet for the best results. Take it easy after the procedure.

Getting Ready

Preparing for a colonoscopy involves taking a laxative drink the night before the procedure. Once ingested, the laxative will work to clean the colon of any stool that might be left.

Is it time for you to prepare for your colon screening? Let the staff at Brookhaven Endoscopy Associates help. Contact us today in Brookhaven, NY at (631) 289-0300 to schedule a consultation.


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