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How a Colon Cancer Screening Could Save Your Life

By Ravi Singh, MD
November 07, 2019


Colorectal cancer is affecting a greater number of young people today. Screenings are crucial.

While there are screenings to detect colorectal cancer, people are still being diagnosed late and dying from this preventive type of cancer. ColonCancerWhy? Because they didn’t get the proper screening. Accordingly, here at Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Suffolk County, NY, our board-certified gastroenterologists make it their mission to provide routine colon cancer screenings in order to provide patients with the care they need.


The Colon Cancer Screening Age has Changed

For many years the American Cancer Society (ACS) recommended that people should get their first routine colon cancer screening (colonoscopy) at the age of 50. This was for healthy individuals who had little risk of developing colon cancer; however, just last year the ACS changed the recommended age from 50 to 45.

This age difference matters for it's the difference between detecting and removing a colorectal polyp before it has a chance to become cancerous and dealing with full-blown colon cancer. These screenings can save lives through early detection and preventive measures, and it is by far the most effective screening tool we have for colorectal cancer.


Focus on Prevention

While our Suffolk County, NY, GI doctors can provide you with the treatment you need when digestive problems and diseases occur, the goal of any doctor is to prevent these problems from happening in the first place.

This usually includes following healthy habits and preventive measures. A colonoscopy is the best tool that we have for giving you a clean bill of health and nipping problems in the bud when they are still minor.

While the idea of a colonoscopy may sound a bit unpleasant, we can assure you that this simple procedure, which takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, is far less uncomfortable and invasive than treating colorectal cancer.

During the procedure, our gastroenterologists will insert a thin, flexible scope into the rectum and guide it through the colon (or large intestines). At the end of the scope is a camera, which allows our doctors to see the lining of the GI tract to look for problems such as bleeding, polyps or lesions. If polyps are detected, they can be removed during the procedure.

If your results come back normal, then no further screenings are needed for another 10 years (if you are low risk for colorectal cancer, that is). Those at high risk for colorectal cancer will want to talk with their gastroenterologist about how often they should get screened.


Concerned? Give Us a Call

Protect your health and ease your mind by scheduling a routine colon cancer screening. Call Brookhaven Gastroenterology Associates in Suffolk County, NY, today at (631) 289-0300.

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